Slow Chess Guide for the Internet Chess Club

The Internet Chess Club (ICC) offers the opportunity to play all kinds of chess, with all different levels of opponent, and at all possible chess speeds.

This page, and the accompanying page with links to ICC-based slow leagues, are designed to help you get started playing S...L...O...W... chess on the ICC (I recommend games at least 30 5 or, preferably, slower to give yourself time to develop good thinking habits). Many students and friends have complained that they cannot find slow games (especially using the ICC's "Seek" graph), so this page is designed to show you better ways to find suitable opponents who will play slow games with you on the ICC. The most helpful suggestions are in green.

There are thousands of games played each day with slow time limits on the ICC - how slow depends on you or the tournament/league in which you are participating. Here are the primary ways you can initiate a slow game on the ICC:

Using the ICC Seek graph is not the most efficient way to find slow games. The easiest (but not best) way to get a slow game is thru the 45-minute pool:

The 45-minute pool (above) will ensure a game every time, but if you want more control over who you play:

Good luck!

PS: If you are playing on the ICC and your opponent disconnects in a losing position, you can now automatically claim a win. See "help judgebot" on the ICC.

If you want to play slow chess online, but outside the ICC, check out our Dan Heisman Learning Center at For more on that, read this overview of the DHLC.

This page was generated by ICC member Phillytutor (NM Dan Heisman), find his ICC instructional videos here. email dan - or better, call him at 610-649-0750, to ask any questions about this page

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