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* => Achieved US Chess Federation "Top-100" List for Their Age Group

Notes: 1) I list all awards of which I am aware, achieved during and after my coaching. Some players go on to other coaches, and others do not, so it is hard to differentiate which achievements, if any, are due to whose coaching! 2) While most of my students are adults, juniors win more champions because there are more scholastic championships to be won! 3) See my adult "Hall of Fame" for those who gained 500+ rating points

Jason Sheltzer

2002 National Chess Congress U1200 Champion ($1000)

Jeff Brunelle (adult)

2003 Liberty Bell, 1st place, U1800

Craig Klein (adult)

2003 Liberty Bell, 1st Place U1400

2003 Philadelphia Championship U1800 Section 1st place

Dan Crowley (adult)

2003 Liberty Bell, 2nd Place U1600

John Hanford

2003 Philadelphia Champions, U1400 Champion & 2nd place.

Zeb Rocklin

2003 Iowa State High School Champion

Tyler Severance

          2003 US Middle School (K-8) Championship, 28th place

Christopher Heung*

          2003 National K-3 Championship,18th Place

          2004 National K-3 Championship, 2nd place

          2004 28th place, World Youth Boys Under-10 Championship!

Matt Wilber*

          2003 National K-3 Championship, 40th Place

Joshua Lee (adult)

          2003 World Open - Tie 1st place, U1200 ($3,000!)

FIDE Master Daniel Yeager* 

Article in the Philadelphia Inquirer on Dan Yeager

          2003 Greater Philadelphia Scholastic Middle School Champion

          2003 World Open - Tie 1st place, U1200 ($3,000!)

          2004 PA State MS Championship - Tie 6th place

          2004 Gr Philadelphia Scholastic Middle School Champion

          2005 PA State MS Championship - 8th Grade Champion

          2005 US Amateur East Champion!

          2005 Gr Phila High School co-champion

          2006 PA State High School Champion

          2006 Gr Phila Jr co-champion

          2007 PA State High School Champion

          2007 US Open Blitz Champion!

          2008 National High School Champion!

          2008 Denker High School Co-Champion

Expert Doug Burgwin*

           2004 PA State HS Championship tie 3rd Place & PA 12th Grade Co-Champion

           2007 National Chess Congress - tie 1st place, U2000 section

Ross Berkowitz*

         2004 Liberty Bell Open, Tie 2nd Place, U1800 section

           2004 PA State HS Championship tie 3rd Place

           2004 Gr Philadelphia Area HS Co-Champion

           2005 PA State HS Championship Top U1800

Michael Knudson*

         2005 South Dakota Primary (K-3) Champion

          2006 South Dakota Primary (K-3 Champion

Alex Karlovitz

         2005 PA State Elementary Championship, co-5th Gr Champion

Odette Moolten*

         2005 Gr Phila Primary Champion

          2006 Liberty Bell U1200 1st Place

          2006 PA State Primary (K-3) co-champion

Tommy Hsiao*

         2005 3rd place, PA High School Championship

          2006 5th place, PA High School Championship

Kevin Wu

         2006 3rd place, NC K-3 Championship

Michael Thompson

          2006 Champion, Utah 4th Grade Championship

          Elementary Champion, 13th All America Cup

          2009 Utah State Junior High Championship, 2nd place

Don Barrus (adult)

          2006 US 60-65 Champion (US Senior)

Shelly Lian

          2007 PA co-8th grade champion

National Master Sarah Chiang*

        2007 2nd Place, FIDE World Girls U-10 Championship

National Master Jonathan Chiang*

         2007 6th Place, FIDE World Boys U-8 Championship

Chirag Ram*

         2008 Tie 4th (7th overall), PA State Primary (K-3) Championship

         2009 Gr Philadelphia Elementary (K-6) Champion

Anders Ohlund (adult)

         2008 Swedish U-1400 Champion (7-0!)

Expert Christopher Yang*

         2009 Top 4th grade (3rd overall) PA Elementary (K-6) Championship

         2010 PA Elementary (K-6) Champion

         2011 PA Elementary (K-6) Co-Champion

Vijay Friedman

         2009 Tie Top 7th grade PA State Middle School (K-8) Championship

Sean Senft*

         2009 Tie 1st-3rd PA State Primary (K-3) Championship

         2009 Tie 1st VA Primary (K-3) Championship

         2010 9th place trophy, PA K-6 Championship

Gilman Bagga*

         2009 K-5 Kentucky state champion

Joe Casey (adult)

         2009 US Amateur East Reserve co-champion

Nate Kolo*

         2009 9th grade champion; NJ Grade Level Championships

Pete Shedor (adult)

        2009 North American Open co-champion U1600 section

FM and Senior Master Will Fisher*

        2010 PA 10th Grade Champion (5th overall)

        2010 Gr Phila High School Champion

        2010 Phila Open U2100 1st place

        2011 PA State HS Champion

        2012 Pan-Am Boys U18 Champion! (IM norm!)

Ryan Schiller

        2010-11 Greater Philadelphia Elementary (K-6) Champion

Torin Kuehnle

         2011 4th Place PA State Elementary (K-6) Championship

         2012 PA State 4th Grade Champion (K-6 Championship)

         2013 PA State K-6 Co-Champion

Alara Balasaygun

         2011 Girls U-8 Winner - North American Youth Championship

         2012 PA Scholastic Chess Championship, 3rd place K-6

Alex Quirindongo

         2012 PA State Top U1800, High School Championship

         2013 PA State Top U1600, K-12 Championship

Adam Serota

         2010 Greater Philadelphia K-1 Champion

         2010 Greater Philadelphia K-3 Champion

         2011 Greater Philadelphia K-6 Champion

         2011 National Elementary Championship - tied for 20th place K-3 Division

         2011 National K-12 Championship - 14th place 3rd Grade Divison

         2012 2nd Place & PA 3rd Grade Co-Champion

         2013 PA State K-6 Co-Champion

Selim Caner (Adult)

        2012 National Chess Congress U1200 1st place (6-0!) - $1,400

Expert Marcell Szabo

        2012 National K-12 6th Grade Champion

Adult Hall of Fame

Players who started lessons over the age of 21 and moved up their USCF, FIDE, or ICC Standard rating by more than 500 points during the lesson time period.

If you think you qualify, let me know!